Friday, 12 October 2012

Vikings, Railways, and Ghosts in York!

Sunshine and some cold, blustery winds started our day in York today. Around mid-morning we jotted off to the Jorvik Viking Centre, a fascinating Viking Museum established about 30 years ago over the actual Viking dig site. After some necessary cornish pasties and hot chocolate, we then walked to York's National Railway Museum - the largest in the world. (Thanks to our good friend, Jim, for the tip!!) There we saw the Flying Scotsman, rail memorabilia galore, models and trains of all origins and types.

With tired feet, we decided to get the small locomotive to York Minster, where we PAID to climb over 270 narrow spiral steps to reach the top of the Minster's Tower. It was the perfect day to enjoy the York skyline but still good to reach the bottom again!

After a relaxing afternoon, we headed back to "31Castlegate" for dinner. Sean was very keen to go on one of York's nighttime ghost tours, so Brett Snr somewhat begrudgingly agreed. Apparently, there are lots of ghostly stories to tell in this city! Sean's summary of the tour, "It was great!"

Sean, Brett and Eloise, National Railway Museum, York

Dining cart in "The Flying Scotsman"

Weary travellers at the National Railway Museum

View of the Minster's buttresses, half way up the Tower

The local schoolyard below York Minster

View from the top of York Minster Tower

The two Bretts, atop the Tower

The walkway across, half way mark down the Tower

Clifford's Tower( opposite "Castlegate 31"), York
Tomorrow we head up to bonny Scotland. Unfortunately, we may not have wifi access for several days, so we may not always be able to update our blog during that time. Thinking of everyone back home and all our friends following our travels - talk again soon!           Tricia

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  1. Wow - the York Minister sure is impressive! Looks like you had a great tour - the photos of the buttresses are really good - can really get a look at the architecture. Lexi is sitting on my lap while I am looking at your photos and she wanted to know where "Thomas the Train' was at the Railway Museum hehehe. Lexi is very much in the bad books at the moment after she took a rock and scratched all down one side of the car a few weeks ago grrrrr!

    Oh and I love that Cornish Pasties and Hot Chocolates are necessities now - sounds like you are slipping into touring mode nicely!!