Friday, 26 October 2012

A Relaxing Day in Rome

Tired feet and bodies called for a slower pace in Rome today. We finally discovered the local famous Trionfale Markets this morning, only one block away ( who can believe we were shopping at SPAR?!). They are very similar to the wonderful Adelaide Markets, except with a very Italian edge. Sword fish, skinned piglets, artichokes, pomegranate, pastries and even cotton reels overflowed from the stalls. We could not help but stock up for another home-cooked feast of vegetables, sausages and chicken. Language was admittedly a barrier at times. The highlight would have to be when Brett Snr was trying to ask if the sausages were beef. The gentleman serving looked quizzically, then responded, "Oink, moo...oink oink" - all in a very realistic "impersonation" of a pig!

After a quick bruschetta at home, we headed off to Castel Sant'Angelo. This grand building was constructed by Hadrian as the mausoleum for him and his family. It has since, however, been used as a prison and a refuge for popes. Unfortunately, 52.50 euros poorer after paying the entrance fee - and declining the extra 25 euros for the audio tour - we left feeling underwhelmed. The view from the fifth level over Rome was quite nice, but we had very little clue as to what we were seeing inside. Every last penny is squeezed from the tourist and little to no information is provided - unless you're prepared to pay for an audio tour or a guide.

View towards St Peters from Castel Sant'Angelo

Looking over Rome from Castel Sant'Angelo

The Tiber River

Eloise, Brett Jnr, Brett Snr and Sean overlook St Peter's and Rome

The top of Castel Sant'Angelo

Eloise enjoys lemon gelato at "Old Bridge Gelateria"
In the afternoon, Eloise and Tricia browsed the local shops and dropped into the popular "Old Bridge Gelateria" near the Vatican, before braving getting a haircut. Luckily, there were no major dramas. The boys all went to visit the Crypt of the Capuchins as well as enjoying a bike ride for three on a two seater bike! Rain has now settled in, and the street sellers are armed with ponchos and umbrellas.....but nothing seems to wash away the vibrancy of Rome.                     Tricia

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