Friday, 19 October 2012

"Hairy Coo" Tour to the Scottish Highlands

Lochs, more lochs, Scottish history and hairy coos were the order of the day today. Our "Hairy Coo" Tour departed from Edinburgh's Royal Mile about 8.45 am and returned at 6pm. Our tour guide, Russell, took us on a rainy yet entertaining and historical journey up through Stirling, to the Wallace Monument, Aberfoyle, the Trossachs National Park and even Monty Python's Doune Castle.

Brett at the famous Forth Railway Bridge

Wallace Monument

Eloise and Stirling Castle

Perfect reflections in the lochs

Brett at Loch Drunkie

Brett and Eloise enjoy the highlands

Mist moves over the loch

Our "Hairy Coo Tour" driver, Russell, with the Robinson clan

One hungry hairy coo

HairyCoo hats were the day's fashion

Eloise dons a hairy coo hat

Feeding bread to the tame hairy coos

"Monty Python"'s Doune Castle
It was a long day but we learnt and saw a lot. The Scottish scenery was spectacular and the hairy coos just hairy, rather than scary. After a while, one loch started to look like another. Did you know that all the water from England and Wales alone would fill only about 1/3 of Loch Ness and that Scotland has more shoreline than any other European country? We also learnt about clans, kilts, battles and wildlife. Looking forward to seeing more of Edinburgh under sunnier skies tomorrow!                Tricia

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  1. Looks like a fun tour - some great photos in that post! I think that hairy coos is one funny looking cow!