Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Relaxing Day in Glasgow

Today we headed off to what looked like a rainy day at first, but soon became sunshine. We started our day with a delightful fully cooked breakfast, which included cereal, sausage, eggs, bacon, and many other pleasant foods. Once breakfast was over, we left for Glasgow (a 10minute drive). We spent a 3hr day walking around Buchanan Street Mall,  which was quite amazing because it was massive. Our day had to come to an end though, so we drove back home for a peaceful, relaxing day at home.      Eloise

Bagpiper in Buchanan Street Mall

One of many Scottish souvenir shops

Typical architecture of buildings in Glasgow


  1. Hi everyone hope everything is going OK and you are still having a great time. Wish we were there. Amy and Matt left for Cairns on Friday and Amy is currently at a job interview. I hope she gets it. We went to South Stradbroke Island on the weekend to Couran Cove Island Resort. The resort is currently in receivership but Claudia's father owned one of the rainforest houses so we stayed there. it was ,a great weekend. We set a couple of crab pots and caugh 10 crabs but could only keep 2 crabs, one was too small and the rest were Jennie's. So we had a nice meal of crabs and some whiting fillet.s thrown in.
    I'll sign off and leave another message in a few days.
    PS Paul got engaged while we were on the island.
    PPS Paul and Claudia are getting married on 24 November this year and leaving for Paris the next day. It will be a small wedding with only close family and friends.
    PPPS It is not a shotgun wedding in case you ask.

  2. i'm behind on catching up on the Robinson family travels recently!! You are in Scotland now - wow! How long are you there for? Loved the babpiper in the Mall! Ok - better catch up on what I have missed! Richo - a big CONGRATULATIONS to Paul - very exciting!!!

  3. ok - I'm all caught up now - what a good last few days you have had! I really have to stop procrastinating by reading your Blog and go and get some dinner ready for these kids who are now all sitting on my lap looking at your photos! I'll come back later tonight and post a few directions on how to make a comment for anybody who hasn't managed to figure it out yet - it is a bit tricky!!! Keep the post's coming - I need more reasons to procrastinate on the housework!!!

  4. Hi All,

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