Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Discovering Nessie and The Battle of Culloden

Icy grass, fog and chilly temperatures couldn't keep us away today from exploring the mystery of the Loch Ness "Monster" further. We drove to the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition for a detailed account of Nessie sightings, explorations and theories. The centre, of course, was right on the shores of Loch Ness and was entertaining and informative. Do we then believe in the Loch Ness Monster? The Robinsons are divided but we are assured that if you drink enough scotch you are guaranteed to see her!
Next stop was Urquhart Castle, now only ruins, before we headed for the National Trust's Visitor Centre at the site of the Battle of Culloden, just north east of Inverness. Culloden was the last ever battle fought on British soil, on April 16 1746. The tour guide took us out onto Drumossie Moor and delivered a stirring account of how 1200 men lost their lives in under an hour on that fateful day. It was very moving and the relics, demonstrations and information provided inside at the visitor centre were certainly first-class.
Back to our cosy cottage by the Loch(where I must admit we have had more dramas with a broken shower and washing machine), we unwound and soaked in the fresh Scottish air and scenery. Brett Snr was very excited to discover two deer grazing in the nearby woods - only to be pointed out by Eloise that they were, in fact, two wooden hunting targets in the SHAPE of deer!! Apparently the kids had noticed the dummies since the day we arrived. Good one!
Eloise enjoys a typical frosty, Scottish morn

Even the leaves are frozen!

Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition

Brett with a submarine used in 1969 to find Nessie

A diving suit used in 2003 in the Loch

The famous Urquhart Castle

Aldourie Castle, from the other side of Loch Ness

Culloden Battlefield

Brett Snr, Sean and Brett Jnr at Culloden

A regular road sign, warning of REAL deer!

Autumn colours as we approach Loch Ness
Tomorrow, it's off to Edinburgh before heading off to a much warmer Rome. The Scottish hospitality has been brilliant but warm weather sure will be a welcome treat!      Tricia

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  1. Oh - looking very chilly there now!!! Love Eloise's Beanie!! Hahaha - can just imagine Brett's excitement about the deer hehehe! Looks like you have had an interesting time! I think the Loch Ness is fascinating - definitely a great site to have ticked off the list!