Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Long Day Towards Rome!

Today we arrived safely at Rome Airport.
We started our day by leaving our apartment at 6am to go to Edinburgh airport. We then flew straight to London and stayed in London for an hour. 2hrs later we arrived in Rome. Customs consisted of  staff seeing we were holding a few passports in our hands and telling us to go straight through - "Prego".We didn't arrive at our apartment until approximately 6pm,though, as British Airways missed getting one of our suitcases on our flight.
We are lucky to be very close to the Vatican. Soon after we settled into our apartment, we walked up to St Peter's Square, where seven new saints had been canonised today. Dinner, of course, consisted of pizza in a little restaurant near St Peter's.
 We will keep you updated, ( please feel free to comment  - see Jess' recent detailed comment on how to do this).            Eloise and Tricia

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  1. Wow - must be a little strange to have such a big change of scenery/pace! Yummmo - bring on all the pizzas and pasta - my favourite! Very annoying about the wait for your luggage - nothing more frustrating but at least you can say you are getting the full 'travel' experience! Looking forward to 'seeing' Rome!