Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Chianti Charm

Today we decided to explore the little villages of the Chianti region of Tuscany. All seemed in our favour - a nice day, mapped- out route and no time constraints. However, after our visit to the first two villages of Montefiorelle and Greve in Chianti left us uninspired, we took one more chance on Castellina in Chianti. This was indeed much nicer but perhaps we'd been spoiled by yesterday's charm of San Gimignano. So, after half an hour we left, wondering if should drive to Pisa instead.

View towards Castellina in Chianti

Eloise, Brett and Sean in San Donato in Poggio

A fine day for washing in San Donato in Poggio

Heading for an unexpectedly overpriced lunch at" La Toppa"

Entrance to San Gimignano

Model of San Gimignano centuries ago

The beautiful Tuscan hills

A simple and unhurried life
Back on the road, we made the final decision to split up so the children could do their studies at home and Brett and I could return for a less rushed look at San Gimignano. We had lunch in San Donato in Poggio and then went our separate ways. It was lovely to stroll at our own pace to explore shops, galleries and alley ways we had missed the day before. The children, too, are now more up to date with their school work!            Tricia

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