Thursday, 18 October 2012

Snow in Cairngorm and the Royal Yacht Britannia

It was sad to say good-bye to Loch Ness today - and those two very patient deer in the woods (see photo)! Brett Jnr mapped out a great detour on our way down to Edinburgh. He decided that we should see snow by travelling up the funicular railway at Cairngorm National Park. And so we did! Freezing conditions are not my cup of tea, but Eloise and Sean had never really seen or touched snow, so it was a golden opportunity. After a quick 7 minute ride to the top, we made a bee-line for the outdoor terrace, where Brett and the children revelled in a "friendly" snow-fight.

After riding back down and bundling into the car, we set off to Edinburgh. We briefly settled into our very modern and comfortable apartment before driving less than ten minutes up the road to the Royal Yacht Britannia. The Britannia was berthed in 1953 and decommissioned in 1997. She is now a very popular tourist attraction here in Edinburgh. I have particularly fond memories of the time she came to Brisbane for the Commonwealth Games in 1982 and am forever grateful for the friendships she helped me to forge in England. I loved touring the yacht and seeing first-hand how the Royal family travelled and entertained. Brett and the children seemed to really enjoy it too.

Waiting, waiting....THE two deer in the woods!

A fun ride up the funicular railway, Cairngorm National Park

Even more fun with a first-ever snowball fight!

Eloise was sooo excited to make a snowball!

Brett loves the snow

Sean revelled in the icy conditions at Cairngorm

Tricia fondly remembers the Royal Yacht Britannia

Sean takes in the Britannia's audio tour

Eloise aboard the Britannia

The Britannia's honeymoon suite

Fit for a banquet on the Britannia

Everything of the finest quality 

Tricia at the Duke of Edinburgh's sitting room on the Britannia

One of the paintings capturing the Britannia's voyages

Diana and Prince William in one of the Britannia's many photos of family
And so tomorrow, we have an early start as we embark on a tour up towards Loch Lomond. We're sure that bonny Scotland will continue to enchant!                    Tricia

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  1. SNOW! Wahoooo! looks like fun! P.S. Brett - they are the fakest looking deer I have ever seen - I'm guessing that you have misplaced your glasses somewhere again if you thought they were real!