Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Long Drive to York!!

Today we headed off to York. We started our day off with a 4hr drive. On our way we stopped at Snowshill. This included a lovely garden, with some sheep and a manor. For dinner we headed off to 31 Castlegate, which was a lovely restaurant with beautiful desserts which were to die for. We hope in the next few days that we will be able to visit York Minster and many other places. We will keep you updated.



  1. Hi just a few words. Looks like a bit of rain here today but less than an inch. We went up to Burrum Heads on Tuesday. Mum and dad were OK but dad has lost some weight. Amy had her IPad so were able to get into your blog and show them the photos etc. You are visiting some really interesting places. Hope we get the opportunity to visit some of them in the future. Regards Di and Richo

  2. Yummm dessert - good one Eloise - now I have to go raid the pantry to see if I've got any chocolate stashed anywhere! Sounds like there are sheep everywhere over there!!!