Monday, 8 October 2012

"Picture-Perfect" Beauty in the Cotswolds

"Picture-perfect" was the phrase of the day, as we ventured up to the Cotswolds today - despite the rain. Before we left, I was asked, "but what's there?" "Beautiful little villages with antique shops, galleries, cafes and craft shops,"I answered. Unsurprisingly, I could hear the boy's eyes roll into the backs of their heads, but we're all trying to do a little bit of what everyone wants, right? Well, that's the theory, anyway.
First stop, via Bourton on the Water, was Stow on the Wold - a lovely market town renowned for its generous smattering of antique shops. It is also home to the oldest Inn in England, "The Royalist Hotel". While the boys enjoyed free fudge and chocolate sampling, Eloise and I raced through as many little boutiques, art and antique shops as we could. After an hour or so of soaking up the village atmosphere, we headed up to another Cotswold village called Chipping Campden. This was much more to Brett's taste and the thatched roof cottages on the way really were "picture-perfect". While the boys finally found their ideal bangers and mash lunch at the local pub, Eloise and I thought we had hit the jackpot at "Badger's Hall". This little cafe and B&B offered the most delicious home-made soups, lunches and pastries in a cosy 16th century stone building on the High Street. Heaven!
It was near- impossible to convince the boys to drive up to Stratford Upon Avon today, but they were generous enough to grant Eloise and me one more precious hour in Stow, while they sat in the car eating fudge and watching, "Scooby Doo." Now that's what I call making the most of cultural pursuits!
"The Royalist Hotel", Stow on the Wold
Eloise gathers some art supplies in Stow on the Wold

Lucy's Tea Rooms, Stow

Typical beauty of Chipping Campden

Idyllic thatched cottage in Chipping Campden

Eloise enjoys lunch in "Badger's Hall", Chipping Campden

Sweet delicacies at "Badger's Hall"

Sean and Brett in the Market Hall, Chipping Campden

A very tempting purchase in Chipping Campden

Manicuring hedges in Chipping Campden

"Is that ewe?"
Tomorrow, some sunnier weather is predicted, so we are hoping for some more outdoor fun. Fingers crossed...we've learned not to rely on the English weather forecasts!            Tricia

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  1. oh - I think this is my favourite blog post so far!! I love, love the rain and can think of nothing better than exploring little villages - hehehehe - although i can just imagine the boys complaining - not enough action there for them I guess!! Loved the Sheep Photo! And the sign about doing it the way your wife told you is a must for my house hehehe!!