Monday, 22 October 2012

Sunshine in Rome!

We had a very busy day today walking around Rome.We started at St Peters Square and were amazed at the sheer number of people compared to our brief visit last night. Over the course of about five hours, we visited many famous sights including Castel Sant D'Angelo, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and Piazza Del Popolo. This we did whilst also crossing the Tiber River, dodging mad scooter drivers, visiting an outdoor market, eating gelati and pizza and shopping for souvenirs.

Eloise in St Peter's Square (our first night in Rome)

Brett - first night in Rome

Some of the new saints canonised the day we arrived in Rome

A nun in St Peter's Square

Looking back across the Tiber to St Peter's

Typical statue adorning the bridges over the Tiber

Castel Sant D'Angelo

Piazza Navone

Sean with his first gelato - delicious!

Brett outside the Pantheon

The magnificent Pantheon interior (circa 126 AD)

Eating pizza near the Trevi Fountain

Eloise, Brett and Sean at the Trevi Fountain

Eloise tries the free water at the Trevi Fountain

A policewoman watches over the Trevi Fountain, whistle in hand

The famous Spanish Steps

Street scape from the top of the Spanish Steps

Looking back over Rome, near the Spanish Steps
Tomorrow we are looking forward to a tour of the Vatican and St Peter's. Rome is so warm and sunny. The warmer weather is taking some adjusting to but is a welcome change. The city is so vibrant and interesting, it is hard to imagine seeing even a small portion of it during our time here. Eating out is generally affordable (pizza for one costs about 6 euros), diesel petrol is about 1.70 euros per litre and a cappuccino about 2.40 euros. We are really looking forward to all Rome has to offer. Now all we need are some hats!             Tricia


  1. Very jealous, I love Rome, looks like you're all having a blast....

    1. Thanks, Anita. I agree - Rome is very exciting. Lovely to hear from you. Tricia

  2. The sunshine and blue skies in the photos is so different from your last few weeks of photos! Oh - making me hungry just the thought of all that yummy pizza and pasta - enjoy! Love the street scape photo!