Saturday, 27 October 2012

Last Day in Rome

This morning we were woken by the booming sound of rolling thunder and teaming rain. However, by the time we strolled out of our apartment, the skies had cleared to allow us the chance to embrace our last day in Rome.

We meandered through some of our usual haunts and backstreets near the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. To our great delight, we found a row of beautiful Italian designer stores, including Dolce and Gabbana and Valentino. After browsing through Valentino, and leaving breathless, we headed up to the "Hard Rock Cafe" for lunch. I think it was the best meal I have had so far in Rome! Who would have thought?!!

Our afternoon comprised of more strolling and browsing and sending one more postcard from the Vatican. Sadly, our plan to attend 5pm mass at St Peter's was thwarted by the hundreds of people who had the same idea.

The Rodeo Drive of Rome

Ah, Valentino!

Hard Rock Cafe, Rome

Eloise near the Spanish Steps

Rome's beautiful statues never cease to draw you near

Brett and Eloise unwind at the Trevi Fountain

Brett and Tricia at the Trevi Fountain

A policeman obliges for a photo near the Trevi Fountain

The Headless Man - tips please

Looking toward the crowded Spanish Steps

Eloise posts a card to her class from the Vatican
And so it is - our last night in Rome. What a wonderful time we have had. Here's hoping those coins we threw into the Trevi Fountain fulfil their powers to bring us back to this fabulous city!       Tricia


  1. Hi Brett Snr (and family) Gary phoned the office on a tax matter and was given your blog details (hope this is ok) and have been following your travels. Tricia - a superb job each day - really don't know how you find the time....and energy. We get tired simply reading of all your daily exploits. Loved the episode at the markets with the pig Brett! A wonderful trip diary. It has spurred me on to do something similar for our next trip. Can't wait to see where you are all off to next. Happy travels!
    Ann and Gary Tonks

    1. Hi Ann and Gary Great to hear from you and glad you are enjoying the blog. It does take some time and effort but we hope it is worth it. Do keep in touch! Tricia, Brett and family