Thursday, 25 October 2012

Colosseum,Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Mass

Our last full day of predicted sunshine in Rome started with a tour of the famous Colosseum at about 11am. We reached "Il Colosseo" by 5- seater taxi, a very affordable mode of transport for a family! (Thanks for the tip, Jen!) Once there, we randomly selected a tour guide to allow us to skip the very long lines, and guide us through not only the Colosseum but also the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum.

We're not sure how much information we all retained, but it was a beautiful day and very entertaining at times. As our guide explained, it would take more than two lifetimes to see all Rome has to offer. So, there is no point letting your holiday and relationships become ruined just because you haven't ticked everything off your list. How true!

After another 10 euros taxi ride home, we rested briefly before racing back to St Peter's to climb the over 500 steps to the Cupola ( Dome). Here, we had the most amazing view over Rome. As we reached the bottom again, Mass was just beginning in St Peter's Basilica. We decided to attend mass, which was very special, as it was also accompanied by their children's choir.

Sean, Eloise and Brett at the Colosseum

Tricia minds the tour guide's flag!

Il Colosseo

The Robinsons at the Colosseum

Palatine Hill

View toward St Peter's from Palatine Hill

Sean, Eloise and Brett at the Roman Forum

Tricia at the Roman Forum

Looking back towards the forum

View from St Peter's Cupola

St Peter's magnificent altar

Peering into the Swiss Guards' laundry
Back home again, we couldn't face anymore tourist pizza or pasta, so roasted up some much needed chicken and vegetables. Tomorrow, we hope to visit the local indoor market and capture a few more sights before the rain begins to fall!                  Tricia

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  1. I have done the same, it's fabulous but exhausting, more gelato anyone!!!!