Sunday, 16 December 2012

Week-End in Paris

The weather was very kind to us for our first week-end in Paris. The sun shone most of the time and the temperature was mild. However, our planning was a little poorer than it should have been, so our escapades were a little more underwhelming than hoped.

Our Saturday started with an excursion, via the Metro, to the Paris Science Museum. Apart from the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition and a few other good interactive displays, it was somewhat disappointing. After lunch, we braved the very hectic yet incredibly beautiful department store, "Les Galleries Lafayette" - complete with its towering Swarovski crystal Christmas tree. The crowds were hideous and we left an hour later with just the fragrance on our wrists from the perfume counter.

Today, we tried to plan much better but were still a little let down by our choices. Our first point of call was the Vanves Flea Markets followed by the art markets near Montparnasse. Again, we left virtually empty-handed (except for a delicacy from the local patisserie!), as most things were overpriced or completely lacking in appeal. Our saving grace was the more interesting Musee des Invalides, where Napoleon Bonaparte is entombed and which houses fascinating war memorabilia and medieval armour.

Mastering the Paris Metro

Our local Metro station, "Chemin Vert"

Da Vinci exhibition, Paris Science Centre

Optical illusion - Big Sean and Little Brett, Science Centre

Swarovski Christmas Tree -  Les Galleries Lafayette

Perfume at Les Galleries Lafayette!

Patisserie treat in Paris!

Charming Paris

La Musee des Invalides, Paris

Napoleon's Tomb

WWI Memorabilia, La Musee des Invalides

Not quite bullet-proof

Sunday afternoon in Paris

Sean with his momento of Hard Rock Cafe, Paris
Our highlight today was no doubt strolling through our own lively area of the Marais near dusk. Jazz music, cafes, Christmas lights and shoppers filled the streets. We are very fortunate to be living in such a lovely part of Paris. Hopefully tomorrow lady luck will be on our side and we'll discover yet another fascinating layer of Paris.

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