Thursday, 6 December 2012

Palace of Versailles .. on a cold and frosty morning

When we looked out our window this morning, we knew we were in for a very cold day. Frost covered the hedges, grass and flowers and there were few signs of life. Yet we could not resist racing outside to hear the icy grass crunch beneath our feet and take a few photos. It was 1 degree celsius!
Today, we spent a lovely day at the Palace of Versaiiles, just outside of Paris. Despite the chill outside, unlike the Loire chateaux, the Palace was toasty warm. Opulent and large, with gilding, paintings, mirrors and gardens, Versailles could not fail to impress.
We treated ourselves to a nice lunch inside the Palace and then later ate a steaming jacket potato as well, to warm us up as we strolled the vast gardens. Being winter, none of the fountains were in use. No-one dared brave canoeing on the lake, either and cyclists were few and far between. Yet, tourists still poured through the gates and marvelled at the wealth that built this palace, before the French Revolution saw it commence its demise.

We were hopeful our laptop was fixed today. Despite what seemed like a minor glitch, it is again giving us all kinds of grief and we suspect it is doomed. We will keep you posted and do our best to add some photos again soon.               Tricia

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