Sunday, 30 December 2012

Fussen, Skiing and Kristall-Therme Spa

Our last three days in beautiful Bavaria have been relaxing and fun. Despite the lack of fresh snowfalls, there is still just enough snow on the local ski fields -leftover from the 30cm that fell a couple of weeks ago.

On Friday, Brett Snr and the children skied all day at Tegelbergbahn. On Saturday, Brett and I strolled through pretty Fussen in the morning, before we all visited the nearby Kristall-Therme natural indoor springs and spa in the afternoon. Here, the enormous glass domed springs provide guests with a haven complete with swim-up bar, 32-36 degree waters, saunas, spas and restaurant. The views out to Neuschwanstein Castle and the surrounding snowcapped mountains are beautiful. Needless to say, the atmosphere is warm and very relaxed! That evening, after dinner at Hopfen am See, we were entertained by the local Hopferau band playing music in our neighbour's front drive. After playing, each band member came and shook our hands and wished us a Happy New Year. We all then toasted with a glass of schnapps before they moved onto their next venue at the local Gasthaus.

Today, under sunny skies, the children skied and had a private lesson with Andy - our ski instructor, who is very patient and luckily speaks very good English! Brett Snr is nursing a sore knee. The children continue to enjoy their skiing and are highly motivated to improve.

Pretty, colourful Fussen - above and below

Views from the  Kristall-Therme, Schwangau

The local Hopferau band welcome in the New Year

Brett Jnr at Tegelbergbahn, Bavaria

Sean ascends the slopes

Eloise has a lesson with Andy at Tegelbergbahn

Andy, our ski instructor, with Eloise

Families enjoy the sunshine and snow at Tegelbergbahn

Despite the ups and downs, Eloise still loves skiing

Eloise and Sean get a private ski lesson at Tegelbergbahn

Brett's always seeking out new challenges on the slopes

Queueing for the ski lift

Brett, Sean and Eloise try out a different ski run

Brett, Eloise and Sean

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!
We wish all our friends and family a fabulous New Year. We hope you celebrate in style and that 2013 is all that you dream. We shall be thinking of you all tomorrow, as we thank 2012 for the blessings it has brought and pray that 2013 will be filled with good health, fulfilment and happy times.             Tricia

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