Monday, 3 December 2012

Chateau Chenonceau, Amboise and Gien

We have had a very easy last two days, visiting Chateau Chenonceau yesterday morning and then driving through Amboise yesterday afternoon. Today,after finding out that our possibly redeemable laptop is not yet ready, Brett Snr and I drove about one hour to the town of Gien.

Chenonceau, often voted a close second in popularity to the larger Chambord and spanning the river Cher, was delightful. Designed predominantly by five different women, it had beautiful decor, gardens and felt much more homely and welcoming. Chambord left me cold - in more than just the literal sense.

Driving home from Chenonceau, we drove past Chateau Amboise and strolled the streets of the town. We were certainly intrigued to enter Amboise, as it was perched majestically high above the town. However, fifty or so euros every time you are intrigued by something starts to add up!

This afternoon, Brett Snr and I drove to Gien to visit their famous earthenware and porcelain museum and factory store. The china is hand painted, tin-fired and glazed several times to achieve a unique finished product. They make both dinner and decorative pieces - and I now have a couple little more special momentous of our time here in the Loire.
It was exciting to hear of Kate Middleton's pregnancy tonight. That's not half  as exciting, though, as the fact that we're off to Disneyland Paris tomorrow for Sean's birthday!!             Tricia

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  1. Still following along on the blog - what a bummer about the laptop!! Great seeing all the places Matt and I visited last year again! Looks like it is getting chilly - we hit 40 degrees here in Brisbane yesterday - soooooo hot! Kate Middleton is pregnant??? I'm off to check the gossip columns - exciting news! Happy Birthday to Sean for tomorrow and enjoy Paris Disneyland!!