Saturday, 1 December 2012

Orleans, France

Our last two days have been spent enjoying our French cottage and exploring the nearby city of Orleans. Unfortunately, this morning Brett Jnr spilt a cup of tea over the keypad of our laptop, so we are unable to post any photos until/if it is repaired. Luckily, we still have all our photos on our SD cards. So, please heed the warning - NEVER PLACE A DRINK NEAR A COMPUTER!!!

We are really feeling the drop in temperature now. Some light snow is even expected to fall tomorrow night. Still, we are appreciating the outdoor space of our cottage and even did some bike-riding around the woods this morning!

Yesterday and again this afternoon, we caught the tram into Orleans - only a twenty minute ride. Orleans is a clean and pretty city, with a beautiful cathedral. It is inextricably linked to Joan of Arc and so also has numerous statues and monuments in her honor. Today, we visited Orleans Cathedral and were blessed to hear its magnificent organ playing. Afterwards, we went to the tiny Joan of Arc Museum before catching the tram home.

It is nice to finally see some Christmas decorations in the stores and on the street in the past week. I was beginning to think the Europeans didn't celebrate Christmas. I remember Christmas decorations being sold in Australia in September, just before we left! I'm really looking forward to the many Christmas markets the Europeans do so famously. The ones in Orleans commence on Wednesday. The ones along the Champs Élysées in Paris, though, are supposed to be spectacular. Can't wait!

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