Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Fruhliche Weihnachten....Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to family and friends! It is hard to believe we are finally here in Bavaria, celebrating an almost white Christmas. Bavaria is unusually warm for this time of year , so we have been able to fit in some skiing but snow is patchy and disappearing before our eyes. Still, we are having a wonderful time!

Yesterday and today, we had 4 hours of ski lessons each day at nearby Tegelbergbahn. Unfortunately, I bailed out today as skiing is simply not for me but Brett and the children are thriving on the adventure of it all and constantly improving. Tegelbergbahn is also nestled in the mountains opposite the famous Neuschwanstein Castle - just spectacular.

Tonight we dined at our local Gasthaus Hirsch for Christmas dinner. Everyone was so welcoming and engaging.We particularly loved their traditional Bavarian plum dumplings for dessert!

View from our apartment in Hopferau

Tegelbergbahn, with Neuschwanstein Castle in the background

Ski lessons at Tegelbergbahn Christmas Day

Sean takes to the slopes

Eloise - improving by the hour

Brett loves skiing

Our local Gasthaus Hirsch, Hopferau

Sean and Brett celebrate Christmas at Gasthaus Hirsch

Sean, Brett Snr, Brett and Eloise

Eloise and Tricia, Christmas Dinner in Hopferau
We hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas and that the Australian weather was not too unkind to all back home. We were thinking of you all!                    Tricia


  1. Merry Christmas to The Robninsons -- magical part of the world. Isn't the castle amazing? I hope you get some more snow for skiing and Brett feels better soon. Love from The Rynnes.

  2. Dear Amanda, Merry Christmas to youl, too! We hope to visit the castle in the next couple of days. Snow is expected later in the week and a lot in the days before we leave. Can't wait to take more photos of how magical everything looks then. Just loving the relaxed, friendly feel here. Love to you all. Tricia, Brett and family