Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Beautiful Paris - on 12.12.12

Today, we arrived safely in beautiful Paris just after midday. It was 0 degrees celsius but the sun was shining and she looked perfect!

Our apartment in the Marais district is tiny compared to the Loire but we have all we need. The district is vibrant and full of shops, restaurants, antiques and history - the ideal base for exploring this fabulous city for the next nine days.

Soon after arriving, we ventured down to the Metro and made a bee-line for the Eiffel Tower. Within twenty minutes, we were queued up, waiting for tickets for the elevator to the top! Brett Snr, not a great fan of heights, conquered his fears yet again and made the journey with us. After reaching the viewing platform on the second level, we travelled higher and higher to the top. It was FREEZING but breath-taking all the same. The views of Paris were uninterrupted for miles.

After sipping hot soup on the Tower and coming safely back down, we had a much-needed delicious dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Paris. We lingered there for a while, as we thawed out, and enjoyed the music and up-beat atmosphere. They seemed to have a lot of Elvis memorabilia. Tomorrow, we are off again to take in more of the wonderful sights of Paris, dressed in all her festive glory!           Tricia

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