Friday, 7 December 2012

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!!

What excitement when we woke this morning to the sight of a winter wonderland in our own backyard! Truly, it was as exciting as opening presents on Christmas Day!

Freezing temperatures across Europe came our way and left a white blanket over our cottage in the Loire. After donning ski gear and gloves, we waited impatiently for dawn before we pegged snowballs at each other and raced around the woods and garden of our property. Everywhere we looked was like a fairytale. It was impossible to capture it all in photos - but I've tried.

Needless to say, the snow kept us mainly indoor-bound today. This afternoon, Brett Snr, Brett and I ventured into Orleans briefly in the tram to do some Christmas shopping. However, we came home empty-handed. Nothing could beat the gift of snow on our own little cosy home.          Tricia

( PS  Our laptop is back, though running erratically at times. We hope it can just hang in till the end of the trip so we can keep the blog alive with some photos! I've updated all the blogs from the past week with photos. Hope you enjoy them.)

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