Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Disneyland Paris and Christmas Markets

Happy Birthday, Sean, for December 4!! Yesterday, we celebrated Sean's birthday with a trip to Disneyland Paris. As our friends and family know, we are great Disney fans. Since 2004, we have visited Disneyland California five times and Florida's Walt Disney World twice. Surely we must be over Disney, you think? No way! We couldn't wait!!
On a slightly overcast Tuesday morning, we set off from the Loire Valley in the dark, at 7.30am (sunrise is an hour later). Unfortunately, due to horrific traffic delays, our anticipated two hour trip turned into four hours. However, that still gave us seven hours to discover all the Disney magic.
Disneyland Paris was very pretty but smaller and more sedate than America's parks. Numerous restaurants, mobile merchandise huts and stores oddly were closed. All staff spoke English as well as French but there was no merchandise with the characters' names in French, which I had expected.
We all loved the rides, though I shied away from the "thrill rides" like the "Tower of Terror". Even one of my usual favorites, "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" was adapted into one that was a bit too wild for me. Never mind, it was all fun.
We celebrated Sean's birthday in Disneyland's Main Street USA with a beautiful buffet at the Plaza Park Restaurant. After some more rides, watching the lighting of the Christmas tree and a quick peek around Downtown Disney we embarked on our much quicker drive home.
Today, we came back down to earth and did very little. A very light flurry of snow fell on our cottage early this morning. This afternoon, Brett and I browsed Orlean'Christmas markets ( a relatively small affair). We are hopeful that within the next two days we will have our laptop back and we can upload the photos from our past week. Please all keep your fingers-and toes-crossed!!     Tricia

PS. Eloise wishes her year seven teacher and class a very happy graduation and a safe and Happy Christmas!

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  1. sounds like a pretty good way to celebrate a birthday! Pity about the traffic jam though. Am missing the photos so definitely fingers crossed for your laptop back!