Saturday, 10 November 2012

Peace in Provence

Late yesterday afternoon, we arrived in our little village just outside of Avignon, after a 3-hour drive from Monaco. Luckily, Brett Jnr is now recovered from his illness. We are looking forward to a slower pace in Provence, with time to relax -  and catch up on some schoolwork.

Le Ch√Ęteau de Barbentane, Provence

Heading to the local antiques fair, Barbentane

Relaxing with Monopoly

Discovering our local surrounds

Our local village in Provence
The house we are staying in has 3 bedrooms, satellite TV with English channels (hooray!), boardgames and a big backyard. A short stroll and we are in the village. Peace at last!

Today we did very little but unwind, visit the local antiques fair and discover our surroundings. Light rain fell but the weather is relatively mild. All is fair in Provence. Bon soir!                   Tricia                  

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