Saturday, 24 November 2012


After a two and a half hour drive yesterday, we arrived safely in Carcassonne early in the afternoon. Carcassonne has a fully preserved medieval castle and village and is apparently the second most popular tourist destination in France after Paris.We have five nights here.

Our first afternoon in Carcassonne was spent settling into our apartment, which is a mere three minute walk from the castle, as well as exploring the castle and its surrounds. The castle is stunning and the village inside its walls full of lovely restaurants, shops and accommodations.Unfortunately, the rest of the city outside the castle is pretty drab, with lots of doggy mess every few metres along the footpaths. There are some nice spots, but five days should suffice.

On Friday night, we went to Carcassonne's only Michelin starred restaurant, "Le Parc." This was recommended to us and only a quick ten minute stroll from our front door. The food was wonderful and the service impeccable. Prices were actually very reasonable. It certainly was a real treat.

Today, Brett Snr and I headed to Carcassonne's market in the main square mid-morning. There was all the usual fresh produce and the atmosphere was lively. In the afternoon, the boys headed back to the castle while Eloise and I did some more shopping. Tonight, we had a delicious meal up near the castle before settling back in to our very comfy apartment for some much needed rest. Bon soir!          Tricia

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