Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Farewell to Carcassonne

Our last two days in Carcassonne have been relaxed and relatively uneventful. Today, I found a wonderful hairdresser and also a health food store that stocked most of the foods I've been craving for weeks. Hooray! Doesn't anyone in France eat hommus, unhomogenised milk, dips or rice crackers? Seems not many!

This afternoon, we all headed back to the castle to do an audio-guided tour of the interior. It was very worthwhile. Brett Snr ( or should I say, "Pierre", since his shave this morning) and I also looked through the wonderful cathedral in the Cite, and browsed what stores were open.

Carcassonne's castle is stunning and unique but I am looking forward to moving on tomorrow. Alas, we have a 6-hour-plus drive to the Loire Valley. There, the temperatures will be quite a bit lower. Hopefully, the lovely cottage we have booked plus all the surrounding chateaux will compensate for any winter chill!                Tricia

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  1. Carcassonne looks spectacular - some great photos there! Love the mo Brett! Looking forward to reliving our Loire Valley stay through your photos!