Thursday, 8 November 2012

Paradise Perfect

Yesterday we headed off for a long drive through tunnels and over mountains. Our day began with a 5:20min drive from Venice to Monte Carlo. Once we arrived, we went for a walk up to the Casino. After we looked around for a while we were all getting quite hungry, so we went to a lovely restaurant called 'La Romantica'.

Today we started off pretty late, due to Brett being quite sick from what we believe to have been food poisoning. Once it was 12-1pm, Dad, Sean and I went for a walk down to a lovely little man-made beach. The water was just crystal clear, you could even see all the fish swimming in it. We then headed further up to a harbour where there were many yachts and one cruise ship. After this, we climbed the steep stairs home for lunch and to visit Mum and Brett. Later that day, Sean and I went down to the beach with Mum. We went for a swim but it was quite cold at first. Sean only stayed in shortly, but I stayed in for as long as I could. 

We met Dad and Brett going for a walk, so we all went for another look at the yachts and then we all went home for dinner.
Eloise at the beach in Monaco

The Beach

The Yachts (the smallest 2 at front)

Eloise with the view from the apartment

Sean and Eloise going in at the start

The Harbour in Monte Carlo with many yachts
By Eloise

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  1. A swim in the sea brrrr! It does look lovely though! Poor Brett getting food poisoning!