Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Mont Serein and Les Carrieres de Lumieres

This morning, Brett Snr and the boys set off for a drive to the mountains, in search of a view of snow. Eloise and I were happy just to have the morning at home. Soon after lunch, the boys arrived home, somewhat relieved that they had made it safely back down from Mont Serein. Apparently, ice covered the windy descent down the mountain. At least, they report, they saw some "glimpses" of snow.

This afternoon, we all returned to just outside of Les Baux de Provence to see a unique art and sound exhibition at "Les Carrieres de Lumieres" (Caves of Light). Here, in a huge man-made limestone cave, paintings and images  by Van Gogh and Gaugin were illuminated onto the fourteen metre tall walls and pillars. Each one came to life, spilling over onto the ground beneath and swirling at times around us. Hauntingly beautiful music accompanied each projection. It was no doubt the most exhilarating and unique art exhibitions I had ever experienced.

View from Mont Serein

Rocky outcrops support the village of Les Baux

The limestone brilliance of "Les Carrieres de Lumieres"

The story behind the stunning exhibition

Larger than life artworks consumed limestone walls

Words moved and spilled around us

Sean's silhouette joins a masterpiece - above and below

Colours, music, drama and beauty in the caves
Back to earth in our little village, we recounted our day and did all the practical chores that have to get done. Suspecting Eloise had had a growth spurt, we also measured ourselves and realized that during our holiday, Eloise has now officially overtaken me and Brett Jnr has overtaken Brett Snr! Must be the fresh Provencal air and all that Italian pizza!                   Tricia

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  1. hello! Back catching up on your posts again - I am loving the Provence ones - the change of pace you guys or having seems nice. Things are starting to move into crazy time over here with all the end of year break up parties and school xmas concerts etc! We had a crazy weekend of storms last weekend with four storms in the one weekend!! No real damage but a couple of quite scary ones!