Thursday, 15 November 2012

Aigues-Mortes and Port-Camargue

Sunshine beckoned us to head south today, in search of adventure - and preferably water. After travelling for just over one hour, we landed in the glorious walled city of Aigues-Mortes, in the region "Languedoc Rousillon". Established in the thirteenth century by King Louis, Aigues-Mortes is only 6km from the sea. Complete with an irregularly shaped rampart wall flanked by gates and towers, it is immediately impressive.

After entering the city via its large arched porte, we strolled the narrow streets and admired Aigues' beautiful church and shopfronts. We then decided to climb its tower and walk along its walls. In the near distance, we could see the boats on the canals and the rooftops of the city. On climbing back down, we then ate lunch at a lovely little Spanish restaurant in the main square. It was a delicious choice. Even lovelier would have been to eat outside in the square, but many French seem to still prefer to smoke with their meals.....cough, cough.

Five hours after arriving in Aigues, we headed off several kilometres down the road to the seaside town of Port-Camargue. With only a small beach and fishing no longer seasonal, the children were a little disappointed. However, the sun was shining and people were still fishing, walking their dogs and enjoying time on the water. It was nice to break away from the smell of lavender for a short while and just bask in the smell of the sea. Somehow, I think the ocean will beckon us to return -if not on these same shores, somewhere else not far away.                           Tricia

Aigues-Mortes' ramparts and towers

Charming cafes abound in Aigues-Mortes

Aigues-Mortes' main square

Sean, Eloise and Brett with Saint Louis' bronze statue

Aigues-Mortes' blazon featuring Saint Martin ( 1697)

Eloise and Sean with one of the Camargue region's symbols - the bull

The church, "Notre Dame des Sablons", Aigues-Mortes

St Louis

Interior of "Notre Dame des Sablons"

King Louis statue in "La Tour de Constance"

Sean climbs "La Tour de Constance" tower, built 1241-1250

Aigues-Mortes' magnificent walls and towers

Brett and Eloise look down from Aigues-Mortes' walls

Brett finds shelter where armed men once stood

Looking across Aigues' rooftops towards "Tour de Constance"

Eloise and Sean enjoy a stroll at Port-Camargue

A dedicated fisherman at Port-Camargue

The shoreline and beach of Port-Camargue

Pretty Port-Camargue

Vessels of all sizes at Port-Camargue

Eloise befriends a seal at Port-Camargue

Eloise, Sean and Brett outside Port-Camargue's Aquarium

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