Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Safely Back in Oz

Zero to thirty-five degrees celsius..... These are the extremes of temperatures we survived after our long trip home from Bavaria. Thankfully, everything went relatively smoothly and all our luggage - and children - arrived back home safely.

Arriving back in Australia, we could not help but be struck by the heat and humidity. Jetlag did not help, either! We are STILL recovering. We loved our holiday, however it was an enormous relief to know that we were finally back to family, friends and pets. At last, we don't have to mime and ask, "Do you speak any English?". Stores sell our favourite foods,  credit cards are accepted as payment, the smell of summer stone fruit fills the air and people mow their lawns in the balmy afternoon.

Now it is back to the reality of unpacking, washing all our clothes and getting ready for work and a new school year. We know the memories of our "holiday of a lifetime" will last forever and we thank all those who made it special for us. We all have different favourite places and memories but that is the unique gift that travel brings. We feel very blessed.

Farewell from the Robinsons in "The Land Down Under"!           Tricia

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