Thursday, 10 January 2013

Auf Wiedersehen und Vielen Dank, Bayern

With only one more sleep to go, tonight we prepare to say good-bye and thank you to Bavaria. This morning,we were blessed with a special parting gift - a fresh fall of snow!

It was wonderful to wake this morning to a white blanket of snow covering the fields and houses of Hopferau. The children raced outside to make their mark and build a snowman. With each fall of snow, they have become quicker and cleverer at constructing them.

After relishing in a much welcomed snowfall, we all headed off for a drive to Oberstdorf, before Brett Snr and I raced back to Fussen for some last-minute shopping and a look through St Mang's Church. We have found that so many of the chuches here are simple externally but surprisingly spectacular inside. By the afternoon, most of the snow had disappeared. However, our spirits were raised by one more homely welcome and delicious dinner at our local Gasthof Hirsch.

A Robinson Snowman in Hopferau

St Mang's Church, Fussen

St Mang's Church

Ornate paintings and sculptures, St Mang's Church

The Robinsons say goodbye at Gastof Hirsch, Hopferau
Tomorrow, we will head into Munich around lunchtime. Snow is predicted overnight in Hopferau, but we have learnt not to rely too heavily on the weather reports! We pray that all our flights will go smoothly. We are really looking forward to arriving back in Oz. Thank you to all of you who have followed our blog. We will post one more time once we have settled back home. Vielen dank und auf  wiedersehen!        Tricia

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