Monday, 7 January 2013

Dachau, Munich & Magnificent Zugspitze

The past two days have been busy and filled with a range of emotions, as we have been reminded of the atrocities of war at Dachau as well as experienced the beauty and thrills of Germany's highest peak, Zugspitze. We are now weary travellers but grateful that we have achieved so much.

Yesterday, we drove about an hour and a half to Dachau's former concentration camp site and memorial. Dachau was one of Germany's earliest concentration camps and the only one to exist for the whole twelve years of Nazi domination. Its grounds and memorial were a sad and emotional reminder of man's inhumanity to man and the tragic suffering that occurred under Hitler's rule.

After Dachau, we headed into Munich to visit its famous beer hall, Hofbrauhaus. There, we ate some lunch while listening to the music and lively banter. Next to us sat some fellow Aussies, who were also soaking in the atmosphere. From the Hofbrauhaus, we strolled up to Marienplatz in the town centre before polishing off some delicious chocolate fudge brownies at Munich's "Hard Rock Cafe". We really have patronised "Hard Rock" very well on this trip!

Today was a particular highlight, as we visited Germany's highest mountain peak, Zugspitze. At nearly 3,000 metres, it is stunning. On a clear day, you can see over 400 mountains in four different countries, We commenced our journey to the top of Zugspitze on its train, disembarking just before its summit so Brett and the children could enjoy a few hours skiing. I, on the other hand, enjoyed taking photos and  sipping cappuccino as I marvelled at the skiers whizzing past me and disappearing over the edge of the cliff!

Dachau Concentration Camp

Brett Snr and Jnr enjoy a drink at Munich's Hofbrauhaus

Brett Jnr, Brett, Sean and Eloise at Hofbrauhaus, Munich

Eloise, Brett Snr, Brett and Sean at Marienplatz, Munich

Brett and Tricia in Munich's Marienplatz

Brett and Sean at Zugspitze, Germany

Eloise enjoys the sunny skies at Zugspitze

Brett Jnr at Zugspitze

Eloise descends at Zugspitze

Sean at Zugspitze

Brett Jnr begins a run at Zugspitze

Every age enjoyed Zugspitze

Tricia at Zugspitze

Zugspitze's summit

Frozen snapshot at Zugspitze's summit

Brett Snr at Zugspitze's summit
 At the end of our day, we caught the cable car to the summit to take some more photos and enjoy the spectacular views. It was FREEZING! However, only someone with a broken camera or frostbitten fingers could fail to take good photos from up there. Sadly, we had to return to reality - and so we did, by cable car all the way back down to the base. Tomorrow, no doubt, will be a day to recover, before we try to snatch a few more memories from this special part of the world.                  Tricia

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