Sunday, 30 September 2012

London - Science Museum

This morning, we head off to the science museum. This was a really fun and interactive museum where they had flight simulators, 3D cinemas and more. Mum wasn't too keen on it so she went to the Victoria and Albert museum which she said was great. After that, we went to Kensington Palace where we got to have a look through and see clothes and accessories used by Princess Diana, Queen Victoria and other former kings and queens. We then had a look at Harrods, which is this massive shop. It is most amazing shop I have ever seen with things ranging from clothing to gold bullion. For dinner, we went to Hard Rock Café which was quite nice food with a great atmosphere. Dad and I then returned to Harrods whilst Mum, Sean and Eloise returned home.

Brett Jnr.


  1. Another awesome day by the sounds! Enjoying your blog posts Brett Jnr - keep them coming!

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