Saturday, 29 September 2012

London - Day 5

Today, we headed off in the morning to the London Eye. It was a perfect day to go as there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Before we went on the Eye, we watched this short 4D show on the scenery we'll see when on the Eye. We then lined up and hopped on. It was really cool to see some of the sights we've seen and the other attractions. We then went to Westminster Abbey which was magnificent. We took an audio tour which told us about the history of the place. It was amazing to see all the detail that had been put into the building and it was really fascinating to see all the tombs there of the different kings and queens and other people like Sir Isaac Newton. We then headed home where we met up with Mum's good friends, Erica and Jim. They were extremely nice people and Mum hadn't seen them for 23 years, so she was very happy to meet up with them again. After they left, we went to Hyde Park where we saw the Australian War Memorial. We then went to see Covent Garden before heading back home for dinner.

Brett Jnr.

Weren't allowed to take photos inside

Australian War Memorial


  1. This looks like a great day! I would love, love to visit Westminister Abbey - can just imagine how interesting it was. The London Eye photos are great - you sure did get a perfect day for it! Is it cold? You all don't look too rugged up yet.

    1. It's not cold but it's not to warm. When it rains it can be a bit chilly.