Saturday, 29 September 2012

London - Days 3 & 4

On our 3rd day in London, we headed off to "The Fat Duck" for lunch. After a train and taxi ride, we arrived in the small village of Bray. As we had one and a half hours to spare, we had a look around the village. It was a really interesting village as it seemed all the houses were made for dwarfs because the size of the doors were extremely small. We also saw this magnificent church which was built in the 13th Century. When it was 1:15pm, we entered  Heston Blumenthal's restaurant, "The Fat Duck". I haven't gotten around to writing up a review of it yet but overall it was amazing food and an extraordinary experience.

On our 4th day in London, we went and saw the Tower of London. We began with a guided tour of the Tower being told some history of the tower, like the many executions that took place. We then had a look for ourselves around the tower which holds the crown jewels, which was really fascinating to see. This was probably my favourite sight in London so far. Next we went to the Tower Bridge Exhibition. Here, we got to go up to see why and how the bridge was made and also see its engine rooms. Then, we took the subway to the London Zoo. Unfortunately, it was raining when we got there, so most of the  animals were hiding. Otherwise, it was a really interesting zoo with animals varying from snakes, lions, echidnas and giraffes. For dinner, we ate at some local mexican place which was alright food.

Below you should find some pictures of Bray.

Brett Jnr.

Bray, England


  1. Yay - some photos! How tiny is that little doorway!!! Bray looks like a pretty place and glad the Fat Duck lived up to expectations! Oh and love your glasses Eloise!!!

  2. Have been to the Fat Duck myself & can understand how hard it would be to review it. Amazing experience & one I want to do again.